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We place a strong emphasis on machine quality,customer requirements,and the overall user experience.We don't focus on quick turnover; we pursue quality to ensure the satisfaction of our customers who choose us.

DTF Printer line

Using a direct-to-film printer can effectively address the challenges of printing intricate patterns directly onto fabric,not limited to fabric transfer printing. With the patented design of an integrated air purifier,it offers a better cost-performance ratio,allowing you to have a heat transfer printing facility for both office and home apparel without the need for high initial investment in equipment and space.

DTF Printer
Powder shaker

Powder shaker line

Our powder shaker uses intelligent temperature control technology. Compared to other toner printers of the same size,our model reduces power consumption by 30-50%. This enhancement in heating efficiency significantly decreases power usage,which make our products become one of the best selling machines in the world.

Who We Are

Who We Are

SINCE 2013
As the leader of DTF printers in China,XURON adheres to the company philosophy of focusing on providing customers with excellent products and industry solutions. With a people-centric approach,we encourage innovation and cultivate excellence,emphasizing a combination of innovative thinking and rigorous practicality.

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Our experience in process testing and top-notch production facilities ensure your tank is built to the highest standards. With many successful cases in ISO tanks,trust us to deliver quality and reliability. Contact our experts to find the perfect tank for your industry.

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Professional Manufacturer of Tank Containers

Applicable fabrics

As the DTF printer supply chain matures,DTF printing has fundamentally transformed the textile printing industry. Compared to DTG and traditional screen printing,DTF printing is not only more cost-effective but also compatible with the majority of fabrics in the fashion industry.

  • Cotton


  • Nylon


  • Leather


  • Polyester


  • Blends


  • Denim


Who choose us

Over the years,thanks to our outstanding reputation and exceptional service,we have attracted customers from around the world.Our products occupy a high market share in Europe and the United States,is worthy of your trust first choice.

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